Upgrade Your Podcast for Under $200

In addition to the multimedia resource materials Lauren Hertel put together in Stockton, you'll find this page useful too. It's podcast-specific, but the equipment would work for any in-house recording you undertake. A bit difficult to take Ludington's equipment on the road, but in my experience it is a good idea to have a dedicated space and equipment for in-house recording, so that a reporter or photographer can take portable equipment on the road and you still have a place at the home office for day-to-day multimedia efforts.

Incidentally, have you checked out Seacoast's robotic podcast? I'm a little uncertain as to how long the monotone voice can hold my attention, but it's a start, right? My unsolicited suggestion: Turn that midday video update into a video podcast, a la Rocketboom.

Anyone else dipping a toe into podcasting?

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