FW: Middletown map enhancement of Sunday package (an e-mail exchange)

This e-mail conversation actually applies to a feature on the Times Herald-Record Web site from last Sunday. Tardy, but still worth sharing.
Erik Gliedman:
Though you might want to check this out:
was our sunday top story
Sean Polay:
Love it! Anything that adds a three-dimensional quality to the storytelling is a win in my book.
Difficulty in pulling it together?
It did not take too much work to pull it all together. On Friday I found out that there was a large graphic illustration of the accident to go with the story. (It ended up running on black and white vertically in print).
I was able to reuse the house price map I developed last year, which cut down on the production time enormously. I resized the graphic that one of our print designers created, cut out the mini-maps and renumbered the dots so the map could be displayed horizontally.
Once that was done, I dropped the graphic onto the old house price map I had. All that was needed at that point was to re-script the map for the new layers and code in the new text for each spot.
Probably took about an hour to build late on Saturday night. Went live at around 3:30 am sunday.

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