Google as publisher?

From Business Week's Tech Insider e-mail:

"Nike executives approached Google with the idea of creating a social-networking site revolving around the world's most popular sport: soccer."


"Joga.com (the name of the Web site) is a free network where members will be able to create Web sites and send e-mail, photos, and video clips, as well as access Nike content..."

This is our opportunity with local sports franchises, I think. And now with google in the game, where do they stop? An easy next step for them is to take the joga.com platform and open it up to our local sports teams. There are lots of platforms already being used by local sports teams but what of the promise of all being linked together by Google?

What are you all doing to capture the local sports market? Here at the Record, we're not doing much unfortunately. But not for lack of desire ... .

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