Poynter Online - On the Cusp of Tomorrow

I'll be inserting this into the sports editors' packets for next week, but thought it worth sharing with the online editors too:

Poynter Online - On the Cusp of Tomorrow: Where print journalists find themselves on the eve of 2006

Steve Klein writes about sports frequently for E-Media Tidbits. I've been exchanging e-mails with him today in seeking just such an article. He also shared this one:

CBS Serves More Than 1.2 Million March Madness Feeds In First Five Hours; So Far, So Good

The best line?

It's not a threat to TV viewing; it's a substitute when no TV is available and a supplement for those who want to watch more than one game at once but don't have DirecTV.
Same principle applies to what we do online. Online news AND information done right is not a threat to newspaper readership. It's a substitute for those who live out of market, and a supplement for our core at-work audience, who utilize us as their lifeline to the outside world from their offices and cubicles.

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