Fixing a Hole - New York Times

House blogging inspiration comes today from Stephen Metcalf's feature in The New York Times Magazine. My wife and I have spent the last five years restoring our 19th-century Cape Cod home, so we enjoyed the concept of blogging the work and sharing lessons learned, trials endured, and costs overrun.

But even the esteemed NYT has landed in my doghouse tonight (and I'm sure they're shaking in their shoes...). Metcalf cites three blogs, one of which he names by URL. Thank you. But the print version neglects to pass along the addresses for Our Old House and Casa Decrepit. Count that as pet peeve number one. Pet peeve number two, and the bigger crime? No related links can be found in the online version either.

Why didn't I link to Our Old House above? Because it took me four tries to find the right one. Therein lies the challenge for the reader. Here's the links I hit upon in my search, with the fourth being the correct one:

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