Election Day ideas

A quick survey of the Ottaway landscape shows these Election Day ideas in action:

Cape Cod Times: Election Night 2006 blog -- Includes a couple of items on Ted Kennedy voting.

E-mail alerts from Danbury (last night), Pocono (this afternoon) and Traverse City (this morning), touting what's coming tonight on their Web sites.

Voter utility landing page in Medford, plus their ongoing coverage of turnout at the polls.

On-the-fly photo galleries in Middletown: Spitzer and Pirro voting, not to mention their Election Day quiz and landing page teased from the small barkers on the home page.

Ongoing vote turnout coverage in New Bedford.

Election themed Street Talk, a new multimedia feature on Oneonta's Web site.

Election-themed morning update (first time posting before midday?) on the Santa Cruz home page.

Election 2006 landing pages with varying degrees of complexity and features in Plattsburgh, Portsmouth, Stockton and Sunbury.