When UGC Goes Bad

Check out the New York Times article today on an effort by Chevrolet to solicit user-generated advertising.

Some samples:

  • $70 to fill up the tank, which will last less than 400 miles. Chevy Tahoe.
  • Our planet's oil is almost gone. You don't need G.P.S. to see where this road leads.
  • Like this snowy wilderness? Better get your fill of it now. Then say hello to global warming.
The good news? So far Chevy is sticking with the concept:
"We anticipated that there would be critical submissions," Ms. (Melisa) Tezanos said. "You do turn over your brand to the public, and we knew that we were going to get some bad with the good. But it's part of playing in this space."
NYT points out that Converse had more success with its user-generated advertising effort: conversegallery.com. I guess Chuck Taylors engender less activism than SUVs.

Warning: Converse's site is addictive. Here's a few of my favorites:

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