Pew Study

This USA Today article about the latest Pew Study which reiterates what we all know -- no one under 35 is reading a local newspaper but is reading lots of local news online -- got me thinking about innovation.

What are we doing that is innovative and cool to draw these people into our sites?

I have lots of ideas, but haven't had time to implement:
1. Using Google's mapping API, create a map of the private communities in and around the Poconos and link basic content about those communities to the map.
2. Do the same thing for the casinos that are being planned and that I have no idea where these locations are.
3. Do more SPOTTED! events (problem here is getting staffers to volunteer their time to take the pictures)
4. Recruit local photography students from the nearby college to take the SPOTTED photos in return for critiques by our professional staff shooters.
5. Create a kick-ass real estate landing page with interactive maps (google's again, probably) that link to Realtor's listings and lots and lots of information about new construction and living here. The new construction content could be a tutorial on how to pick a builder.

What are your top five innovative ideas that will keep us in the online content game?

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