Filtering and Aggregation

I found this post by Jeff Jarvis thought-provoking. (I haven't read the Times article yet)

I've always thought our value online and in print is our ability to edit (filter) and gather (aggregate) as much local news as we can. The problem for us stuck in between the old and new model is that the content can be aggregated and filtered by just about anyone. And whomever does it faster and hits the presentation nail on the head in terms of what the reader wants, wins.
Maybe we need to be more like google in that we suck up much more local data, present it the way the reader wants (or searches for it) and worry about the editing later. The longer we only rely on the print content to fill our Web pages, the more we lose our edge in the market.

All in my humble opinion and fully aware that sucking up local data and presenting it in a useable form is much easier said than done.

What do you all think?

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