Wisconsin State Journal: You Pick the News

Credit to Mark Jurkowitz for spying this item. I certainly wasn't trolling for news in Wisconsin this morning....

After reading Managing Editor Tim Kelley's column, I can't wait to return to the site at 11 to see how it is presented. It's a phenomenal idea, taking UGC to another level. What a great use for the Saxotech polling engine!

I'm afraid a weakness in its execution, though, is that the readers will be judging based on headlines alone. I wouldn't let that stop me from executing the idea myself. But I'd be working vigorously to figure out a way to link each headline to a broader summary (news budget item, perhaps) of the story.

Make sure to read the article all the way to the end. Kelley describes the new, "nothing too radical yet" things they are doing to enhance their Web product. Sounds familiar, eh?

Jurkowitz, by the way, isn't as positive in his outlook as I am. Speaking only for myself, I think he misses the point. Reader involvement makes the product better, not worse. Don't more voices in a story make it better? Aren't single-source stories highly frowned upon? Why can't those principles apply to news decisions?

I'll keep my thoughts on Jurkowitz's we-know-better-than-you undertone (heck, maybe it's an overtone) to myself. Ask me about them next time we sip a cocktail together....

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