These Are The People in Your Neighborhood

Interesting audience overview pages over at IBS, which operates a multitude of television Web sites around the country, including many within our online competitive landscape:

Back on the IBS site, click through the various audience categories. In particular, I liked the slice from the Working Women page:

Pull quote: "I like to feel more connected with the outside world when I’m at work."

Backed up by:
  • 86% are white-collar professionals
  • 38% are college graduates
  • 76% are 25-54
  • 44% make more than $75,000 in household income
  • 23% spend $150+/week on groceries
Incidentally, IBS reported this week that their traffic grew 29% in December compared to the same month in 2004. I think their sites are weaker than many in terms of usability and content presentation, but clearly they are doing something right. Perhaps the key for them is understanding their audience as well as they do.

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Kathy Schwartz said...

And these sites are growing traffic through relentless cross-promotion from their local TV news programs.