More media-related Twitter observations

Check out the widespread Twitter adoption at the Austin American-Statesman.

Came to my attention via Steve Buttry, a tweeting editor in his own right.

As I've written before, Twitter success is about doing much more than blasting headlines at followers. There is a place for that, and there are users who appreciate that. So I'm not suggesting our newspapers fold up the tents on the accounts that were created for that purpose.

Twitter use, though, is much more about community conversation and making connections on the platforms the audience is already on.

I've not yet spent a lot of time clicking through all of the Statesman staff's Twitter profiles, so I'm not sure how successful they are achieving engagement and making connections. The first glance is mighty impressive, though.

By the way, speaking of tweeting editors, Ottaway's Bob Hunter and Paul Pronovost have been dabbling in Twitter recently, too.

(Also, in other Statesman news, check out their recent ad that shows how their Web site is a better breaking news option than local TV news. Came to my attention via Lost Remote.)

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