Mobile breaking news alerts in action

The scene: The Polay kitchen at breakfast. My wife, Brandy, and I are at the dining room table, sipping coffee while the kids scurry to get ready for school.

Sean, rising from the table: Guess I better get my act together and get to work.

(Blackberry buzzes on the counter.)

Brandy: Guess so. They're already buzzing you.

Sean, reading from Blackberry: "Route 6 West: Police and rescue responding to rollover, prior to exit 3 westbound, traffic in area slowed."

(Siren volume growing in the distance.)

Brandy: That must be where they're going.

(Fire truck races by our house, headed in the direction of Exit 3. It's followed shortly thereafter by a police car.)

Sean: Now that's what I call a breaking news alert!

Update: One of our Cape Cod readers replied to this post via Twitter today, indicating she wished she'd known about the accident above, so she could have avoided the traffic. I shared CapeCodOnline's alert sign-up link, for which she was very appreciative. Here are the rest of the links to sign up for mobile alerts in our markets:

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