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Please fulfill Fred's plug mission and pay a visit to New Bedford's special report on the Portuguese-American experience. It's well worth the time. Fascinating stuff.
I'll echo Fred's note about particularly noting the linguica video: http://www.southcoasttoday.com/anossavida/video/sausage.wmv
Unscripted, conversational narrative? Check.
Excellent and numerous photos? Check.
Ambient sound to help give the viewer a sense of place? Check.
The piece takes people behind the scenes of someplace they would not ordinarily go. Bravo!  Now that's something you can proudly promote as an online enhancement in the print presentation of the series. Encore! Encore!
(Fred, set aside some print copies for me for when I visit tomorrow, will you?)

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Hi Sean,


Just wanted to call your attention to all the multimedia stuff we’ve done to go with our four-Sunday special project – A Nossa Vida: The Portuguese Experience in America.


You can find them here:



What is cool about these, I think, is that the reporters themselves produced them (with varying degrees of success/difficulty) with little or no experience doing this before.


Although they each have something to offer, of particular note are:

n       the overview

n       linguica

n       romeiros

n       fado


We’ll be adding the stories from Week 2-4 over the next three weeks.


All of the content can also be found in a book we produced (which, if you have any Portuguese friends you need a holiday present for, can be purchased on the Web site [plug, plug!])




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