Starbucks Closes Between 5:30 and 9 P.M. today

First, important news as you plan your commute or other activities for this evening: Starbucks Closes Between 5:30 and 9:00 P.M. today to Perfect the Art of Espresso

Next, the rant: This was buried on page 3A in the "Nationline" briefs column of USA Today this morning. This is important news, especially for business travelers and commuters, the latter of which comprise a large portion of a weekday news audience. Worse? I can't find the brief on the USA Today Web site at all -- not even via the Yahoo-powered search.

To be fair, I couldn't find it via a Google News search either, which to me says no other news organization has realized how helpful such content could be to their core at-work Web audience.

I had to go to Starbucks directly, and not even they had it on their home page as of 8:20 this morning. I had to go to the Press Room to find the announcement.

Would somebody please wake up and smell the venti triple latte, and focus on what the audience wants to know to plan its day?

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