Earth to publishers: Stop trying to exert so much control

The headline alone on this AP story on NJ.com is enough to send me into orbit: News Web sites seek more search control

When, oh when, are publishers going to realize that the more we try to exert control over our content, the more likely we are to lose control.

By the way, losing control over the distribution of our content is not a bad thing, people. The easier we make it for readers to access our content -- regardless of platform -- the more likely it will be that we gain and retain readers via whatever channel our content was acquired.

Roadblocks are exactly that. Pretty hard to grow audience when we throw up a bunch of stop signs and detours.

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Liz Polay-Wettengel said...

Publishers should take a page from the Music Business handbook. When the music business tried to control their content all they mnaged to do was to completely lose control of it and send the industry in to a tailspin.

Where music consumers turned to places like music sharing peer to peer networks, so will print consumers turn to citizen journalism and rss feeds from their favorite newsworthy (and often newsstation/paper endorced)blogs.

Where the music industry went wrong, and where publishing can flourish is to embrace the technologies that quickly emerge and work with them to become the thought leaders in the industry. By cutting off the access they are only alienating their audience.

IMHO, of course.