Camp Guide challenge

Welcome to Round 2 of the Ottaway Online Editors Guide Challenge.
First, please note the criteria for winning will be different than the Wifi challenge. My aim is to foster more widespread participation.
  • The Challenge:
    Craft a comprehensive guide to summer camps in your region. Use of UGC, photos, mapping, and how-to content a plus.
  • The Prize:
    Winner: 1 copy of Adobe Photoshop Elements for use by anyone at your location not currently enabled with a full Photoshop license (ideally for someone who regularly be cropping big barker photos).
    Runner-up: $25 Dunkin Donuts (or coffee shop of your choice) gift card
  • The Winning:
    Staff at Campbell Hall will be asked to participate in scoring the entries, and the best score will win. I was recently a judge for the New Hampshire Internet Awards, and am going to borrow part of their scoring system. Scale is 1 to 10 across five categories, with 10 being the best. Categories are:
    • Mission Accomplished: Did the guide complete the job to be done (help a parent decide on which summer camp to send their kids)?
    • Content: Was it easy to read, well written and concise as well as relevant to the guide's mission? Was the content useful and engaging?
    • Interactivity: Is audience participation evident, or solicited?
    • Functionality: Is the guide more than a list, and easy to get around? Was a map used? Other tools?
    • Overall Experience: A rating based on the interplay of all of the above.
  • The Deadline:
    Camp Guide must be posted on your site by close of business (5 p.m. PDT, 8 EDT), April 5, and an e-mail must be sent to onlineeditors@ottaway.com, declaring the guide's location.
Note: All entries will be shown off and discussed on the monthly publisher calls, April 9-10. That is also when the prize winners will be announced.
Here's some camp guide examples and snippets from around the Web to get you started. There's not much in the way of a interactive or comprehensive guides, so we're in pioneer-like territory here:

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