Spring Training '07

It's raining/sleeting/freezing over where I am, but at least a few around the Ottaway empire are buried in snow today, so it's difficult to avoid daydreaming of points south. Take a stop over to recordonline.com's Spring Training '07 landing page.

It's as comprehensive a page as you'll find for following the Yankees and Mets preseason, and interacting with the writers and fellow fans.

Try to find a better landing page on the New York metro-area sites. I've not seen one yet. If you do, let me know. It's always good to learn from what others are doing.

The nice thing about what Patrick Mullen, Erik Gliedman and Matt Pepin have done here is that once everyone is on the common platform, this won't be that hard to replicate for the Red Sox in New England, for example, or the A's and Giants out West.

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