More to the Story from the Traverse City Record-Eagle

Interesting in-paper marketing tactic from our recently departed sibling in Traverse City:

The print edition of the Record-Eagle often refers to more information about a story that is available online. Watch the print edition for the "More to the story" icon and go online here to view the extra information.
Also note the box in the upper right rail of their home page, which links into the page described above:

It's a tactic used a lot by local broadcast TV stations. I've seen the practice referred to as NewsLinks, but maybe that was just a Belo TV term. It's meant to be one place to collect all of the things you relentlessly promoted in your news broadcast.

If you adopt this idea, don't let it stop you from enhancing your story files. Remember, people increasingly encounter our content via the search engines, e-mail sharing, IM or otherwise (i.e. not via our home page or section fronts), and it is important to lead users from that story to the enhanced or related content you have on that topic.

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