Cape Cod's coverage of the Christa Worthington murder case

Run, don't walk, over to the Cape Cod Online to check out how they are tackling coverage of an ongoing story with national interest happening right in their front yard. The trial started this week.

Landing page to collect all of the coverage and provide context? Check.

Live trial blog? Check. Eric Williams (full disclosure: Eric worked for me in a previous professional endeavor) not only offers his unique style of observations from the trial, but also has in at least one of his posts fielded a question from a reader about whether anyone could attend the trial. Love the interaction.

Special video player just for the trial? Check.
Compelling video, too, which at times reverts to audio slideshow format to combine photos from the courtroom with trial audio.

Traffic? Not spiking as much as I'd expect. I'll have to check back with Editor Paul Pronovost on what kind of promotion is taking place in the paper and elsewhere. If it were me and my universe, I'd be giving it all a big specialized, highly designed treatment on the home page of the site to clearly accentuate and group all of the goodness they're offering. (In my previous life, we were big proponents with a story of this magnitude to dedicating the entire home page -- or at least most of it -- to our coverage. Leverage your strength of the moment, if you will.)

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